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Japanese Kuramochi composition three faced dolls

These cute composition three faced dolls are unmarked but fortunately one of them has its original tag so we can identify them as being made by Kuramochi & Company Limited of Japan.  They appear to be the Japanese equivalent of the American Trudy three faced doll as there are some similarities.  They were likely made in the late 1940s or 1950s.

Both dolls have composition head and hands and straw-filled cloth bodies.  The left hand on each doll is moulded with a finger pointing (see picture below).  The two dolls have the same three faces with one normal (or happy) face, one sleeping face and one crying face.  The larger doll measures 40 cm tall while the smaller one is 30 cm.  I've seen quite a few of the larger ones but the smaller one is the only one I've ever seen in that size.  So the larger size is probably more common.

The outfits which consist of leggings, tunic, jacket and bonnet are original to the dolls.

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